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NVU Website Builder 
A powerful & free website builder.
SmartFTP - an excellent File Transfer program
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Version 7.2 is one of the most reliable website builders available.
Domain Owner Documentation
Explains all of your website features. (PDF)
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Update your website using Microsoft Word (PDF)
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Update your website using Netscape Composer (PDF)
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ASKaPRO Internet Services, headquartered in Columbia, SC, has been providing online services since 1998. 

We currently have customers throughout South Carolina, as well as in 13 other states and 3 foreign countries.

I invite you to let us handle your online business!

Glenn Oster, owner

Welcome to the Medical Managers Online Services Control Panel!

Manage Existing Services:  From the options in the left column you can manage your existing domain name and website hosting service.

Create New Services:  From the options below you can register a domain name for your practice and reserve server space for your website.  A free starter webpage is included with every domain registration.

Just Three Easy Steps to put your information online!

STEP 1 - REGISTER A DOMAIN NAME - $8.85 / year
At only $8.85/year, every medical practice should register their own Internet Domain Name, if for no other reason than to keep someone else from getting it.

It is a very easy process.  Just type in the website domain name you want, select the desired extension, and click search. If at anytime you have a question about your domain name registration, feel free to email support or call (803) 361-2739.  After business hours, contact our 24-hour helpdesk at (480) 624-2500.
NOTE:  While registering your global domain name, you will be offered some additional value-added options.  These are not necessary for your domain registration, and can be ignored if you are not interested at this time.  They can be added later, if desired, to your account.

We include a free one-page starter website with every domain registration.  Information will be emailed to you once you register your domain name.  You do not need any technical abilities to understand or use our web creation software - and you can put your information online in just minutes.   If you do need help, our technical people are standing by to assist you during business hours at 803-361-2739.  Outside of business hours, please call our 24-hour helpdesk at (480) 624-2500.  You can also email us at support.

Your starter website can easily be upgraded to our Advanced Website Plan at any time by contacting our webhosting specialist at support or (803) 361-2739.   At $15/month, our Advanced Website Plan provides much more than just room for your website - it also includes many advanced features to help you manage and promote your information online. Everything that you need to create and host a professional online website is included!  Download our Domain Owner Documentation for details.   As an added incentive, your annual domain renewals are free with this Advanced Website Plan.

If you manage multiple websites, please contact us about our discount/reseller programs - and offer your clients discounted domain registrations and webhosting.  E-mail support or call (803) 361-2739.

Our free starter website uses an online, easy-to-use template process. Instructions will be e-mailed to you after you register your domain name.

There are many software programs available for those who wish to use the features of our Advanced Website Plan. We have included some free software and directions (in left column).  We are also available to create and/or maintain your website for you for a fee.  Please contact us at support for more information.